Marriage day

Hi there everybody and good evening!!

Tonight I wanted to post about an exciting event that just happened in my life. I just got married this past Saturday at my church in Ohio called St. Gregs on the east side of Cleveland.

Saturday was the night of my life and accepting the sacrament of Holy Matrimony is something I’ve dreamed of for many years.

To get married at St Gregs was also important to me because that is where I went to grade school.

We were surrounded by a ton of family and friends for our big occasion. I’m pretty sure 63 people attended to be exact. For transportation details on how all these people drove to and from the church and reception click here.

The reception was held at La Centre in Westlake on the west wise of Cleveland.

Marriage is a representation of God’s love in the world. We have now been opened up to the ability to give life.

Thanks to everyone and have a wonderful rest of your night.



Welcome to Palm View Christian

Hi out there everybody,

My name is Taylor Phillips and I’m a Catholic/Christian. I’m a huge follower of Christ and I’m so excited to begin this website so that I can preach the word of God.

I will be posting bible quotes and other teachings and the following of Christ.

I love my faith and my job on this blog is to educate people on my religion so that they can make an educated decision on whether they would like to be a part of the Catholic faith.

I will be posting contact information so that anybody can reach out to me at any point to talk about the Catholic faith.

Have an amazing night!!